Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Update on 2nd IUI....

Wow so today started off crazy lol ... I had a Dr's appointment for 8:45am for my 2nd IUI.... however we woke up to 6 inches of snow here making it impossible to go anywhere safe.... Hubby had to be in at 6:30am and was going to meet me at the hospital for the procedure... He got to work and then the base decided to shut down of course.. What great planning NAS Whidbey Island has huh....Anyway so he's on duty today and has to go in for watch 3-midnight no matter how the weather is... So we call my Dr and find out he's there so he said to come on in... So Michael ventured back to the house to get me and take my car which does better in the snow.. It took him over an hour to get home which normally only takes him 15 minutes...His truck was sliding and spinning everywhere ... So glad he made it home safe thanks to a helpful fellow sailor with a 350 pulling Michael's Silverado up a hill he fish tailed on... He got here we got in my car and off we went to the hospital.. Wow it was interesting drive i will say lol spinning and sliding no control at all is very scary....Thankfully we slid into the hospital parking lot and got there safe... Dr. S was laughing we said if we get pregnant this time this will be our snow baby lol and very memorable.... Michael got to play nurse today as well so hes was happy assisting my Dr lol I wish I could have recorded it too funny....My Dr was showing him each step and having him hold the instruments used lol.. So praying this one takes cause this IUI is definitely one we will never forget :) I will be going in on March 4th to have a blood pregnancy test and progesterone check so fingers crossed it will be positive.... I will keep everyone updated on the progress... I have been having some cramping since the procedure it was really bad yesterday but today not so bad and tenderness as well... Dr said that was a good sign :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another round of IUI

So this morning i got a peak ( meaning I'm ovulating or about too) so we went in to have our IUI done.....We are doing two IUI's again this time and the Dr had me take 100mg of clomid this time......So tomorrow we go in for our other one about 8:45am....My Dr said everything looked great and the timing was perfect.....So now we are just playing the 2 week waiting game again....We are praying this one takes.... My Dr said if this one does not take he's sending us to Maddagan which is a big Army hospital hours away.....We will then talk about IVF or any other possible options available....After tomorrow we will just wait and see what happens and i will update you guys throughout the process....This makes our 4th IUI since we lost our sweet baby...This month has been very hard on us because this is when we would have been having our sweet little one... Everything happens for a reason though even though at the time it don't seem like it at all.... So we just got to stay strong and keep our heads up..... We miss you sweet baby "Z"

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Feeling a little better..Still in pain though..Updates!

Just wanted to update you all.. So I went to urgent care my now 2nd home the other night after having the same episodes of not being able to breathe well my left arm hurting my upper back and chest in so much pain...... I was crying and the back of my head was just numb..... After being there for a couple hours the Dr tells me this time oh it's severe anxiety.... He tells Michael her anxiety level is so high right now is she under a lot of stress? LOL I just looked at him and laughed....Then he really thought i was crazy lol... He told me he was going to give me something for my anxiety so he gave me a shot of advant (not sure if sp is correct)...We waited for 30 minutes he came back in and was like how do you feel? Well at that point I just felt really loopy but relaxed.....However I was still in pain which is why I came in.. So he then says we're going to give you something really strong for your pain and I said OK I just pray it takes it away... He turned to Michael and said you will prolly have to carry her out of here... I looked at him and laughed again I said you actually think he can carry me lol at that point i felt so freaking high I prolly should have just shut up so that's what i did lol When I left there I wasn't feeling any pain and he put me on xanex for the anxiety.. I'm still feeling the pain though so I know it's not all anxiety so we're just waiting for Feb 21st to go to the pulmonary specialist and to get my referral approved for my MRI for my spine neck and shoulder... So I will keep you all up to date on that as we hear more....

OK so as far as trying for baby yes we will be having 2 IUI's again this month 24th and 25th should be the dates we will see as we get closer.... I talked to my High Risk OB and he said there's no reason we can't try and being on the xanex short term will not hurt me while trying to conceive.... He did bump me up to 100 mg of clomid this time so more of chance for multiples but a better chance for a baby :) We will see.. Today was my 2nd day of clomid I have 3 more days of taking it then we just wait for my LH surge (Peak)....It's in Gods hands and whats meant to be will be but like I said before we will never give up :)

Also some of you all know that while we are continuing to try for a sweet little baby we're also looking into adoption... I'm calling the lady back on Monday and seeing what all we need to do to get the ball rolling... I know we will be on the bottom of the list but hey you got to start somewhere :).. I will be updating you all on this process too... Until next time love you all!

Monday, February 7, 2011


So I have been in the ER the last 2 nights since i was diagnosed with Pneumonia in Urgent Care Friday night...My upper back, chest and left arm are killing me and I feel like I cant breath it's horrible..... Most of these symptoms have been going on for over 3 months now and no one can figure it out but lately they have got much worse.....Anyway I went in today and the DR says I don't have Pneumonia so I can stop my antibiotics....I'm like OK so how is it one day I have it one day I don't he had no answer all he said was urgent care was treating it that way cause that's what it sounded like to them.....I don't get it though cause they told us it showed up on my chest xray in my left lung.....I'm so done with this Navy Base Hospital or I should say all Hospitals on this Island they have no answers I just don't get it. So after my husband and I talked the heads off of them they decided to send me off Island to a Pulmonary specialist and to have another MRI done as well....... Hopefully we will know something soon :) I will keep you all up to date....Waiting to hear back from my OB doctor as well to ask him more about my clomid dosage as I will be starting it soon for this cycle....

Friday, February 4, 2011

What a Day...

Well today we went in for blood work and got our test results back at 4pm they were negative. Trying to be strong but will say it was a very sad day for both of us. We went in with a good attitude though and an open mind guess we just didn't want to hear the news we got. Oh well we know it's going to happen for us one day though .. and for those of you all who keep saying don't give up we will "Never" give up! Pregnancy is trial and error every time you try there's a 1 in 5 chance it will happen. We will be going back in again at the end of this month as long as all goes well.

Some of you know I haven't been feeling good for some time now well I just left the emergency room and I have pneumonia I have been having these symptoms for almost 4 months now in and out of Dr's office on base and off. The Dr's kept saying it must be anxiety or something I bet I had it the whole time. I feel so bad with that said I'm off to bed... they gave me an antibiotic called Leviquin i sure hope it works i want to feel better so bad.

I will be updating more on our blog as we go along thanks for reading.

~~~~~~Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail".~~~~~~~

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Tomorrow is our big day.. Fingers,toes,arms,legs and eyes are crossed for a positive pregnancy test. We will know something by 4pm maybe sooner. We're going in tomorrow prepared for the worst but hoping for the best. God please give us our miracle :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This month we would have delivered our sweet baby.. We miss and love you Baby "Z"

      “We wonder”…
We wonder who you were?
We wonder what your personality would have been like?
I wonder if you would have looked like me?
We wonder alot of things…
like why? and WHEN?
But there are some things I don’t wonder…because I know.
Like how much we already loved you.
I don’t doubt God, not at all.
We just wonder how it would have felt to hold you in our arms…
but it’s okay because now we know you're in the arms of Someone who
loved you even more.
Life is so short, yours had just begun, not out of the womb yet
but you were already a “someone”.
I know God is my strength right now because
without Him I just couldn’t go on.
But now I’ll take life…new life, at the time of conception-
not for granted!
It’s all a true miracle that only God deciedes.
Thank You God for creating a little miracle inside me
and even though it’s time was very short…
it was our little miracle nonetheless.