Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Much needed Update!!!!

Sorry it has been forever since an update.... so not nice of me just been really busy... but that's still no excuse :)  Anyway so I have had several ultrasounds since the last update and I will be posting lots of pics :) Our last ultrasound was was May 2nd and 4th as I seen both of my Drs that's why there were 2.. The heart rates so far have been 174/171/170/170/160/153 So I'm thinking they are staying pretty high.. We are hoping to find out what we are having on June 1st fingers crossed :) We can't wait!! We go in May 17th to meet with Dr Wong at Providence he will be my OB there and the one delivering me so we're excited to meet him.. We have truly been blessed with such wonderful Drs from NAS OH and Providence we're so so thankful for them! May 2nd we had our first set of blood work and scan for the Down Syndrome test when we go in June 1st we will have our 2nd blood draw then we will just wait to here back with the results. We figured we would go ahead and elect to do the test cause after all Tricare pays for it and we got another u/s :) Either way it's our baby! Also I have been measuring almost a week ahead the whole time so that's exciting too :) Today I'm officially 13 weeks although measuring around 14 we're so thankful! Here's some pics from all the ultrasounds we have had some are good some are blurry.. I will try to keep my blog updated a little better for ya'll :) And as always we really appreciate every ones prayers for us through our journey we're so thankful for such wonderful friends and family!!