Saturday, January 25, 2014

Quick catch up!! Its been a while...

Hey guys!! So it's been a while and i wanted to update everyone!! Michael just returned home from a 7 month deployment to Japan.. Before he left we started fertility again to try for another baby, a sibling for Zayne:) I went through two IUI's first wasn't a success and the second I got pregnant but it was a tubal.. After going through that miscarriage with the tubal and all i decided to wait until he returned to continue treatment because i was an emotional wreck.. I was lucky enough that Zayne and I were able to go to Florida/Alabama and be with my family for a couple months.. That really helped me a lot with Michael being away it took my mind off a lot of things..

Zayne Turned 2 November 6th while we were home..i still can't believe we have a two year old :) God is good!! He's so smart and knows exactly what he wants he reminds me so much of myself its scary lol He's my mini me thats for sure!!

So fast forwarding til now we have started fertility treatment again (yes i know we haven't told anyone we've kept it a secret) surprise!!! :) I went in for a folicile scan today 1/24/2014 and I had 3 eggs however only ones the size we need it to be measuring a little over 21mm the other bigger one was just a little over 17mm and the last one a little smaller... This cycle i took clomid days 5-9 of my cycle which is a little different than normal as i usually take it 3-7 so that may have something to do with it.. not quite sure.. Anyway my Dr said tomorrow evening she will go ahead and administer my HCG shot and Monday we will do the IUI.. We're super nervous and happy.. So if you don't mind please say prayers for us and send good vibes :) I promise to keep you guys updated with everything that happens during our journey!!