Thursday, September 8, 2011

30 weeks 1 day today :)

Hi everyone sorry I haven't updated in forever we have been very busy getting everything ready and together for Mr Zayne to arrive :) The Dr isn't letting me go past Nov 9th because He's in the 95th percentile and such a chunk.... My Dr said we will be having a c-section because of his size and he would be worried about shoulder dystochia where just his head would deliver and we don't want that.... So with that being said I'm very nervous about the c-section i know mothers go through them everyday but I'm still nervous.. as long as he's fine i know I can get through it though :) We go in on Sept 13th for a growth scan to see how big he is now at 22 weeks he was already a pound and a half so I can only imagine what he is now hehehe our Lil chunker.. So after this appointment we will know a Lil more on how big of a baby we are looking at having lol I will keep you all updated on that.. OMGOSH!! We're getting so excited for his arrival i just can't even put it in words :)  I'm posting some pictures of our past few ultrasounds it's so amazing how he's grown and you can see all his Lil features too oh so cute :)

30 weeks at the zooo

Zayne 22 weeks

24 weeks

28 weeks

Zayne 29 weeks

Zayne 28 weeks 3D

Zayne 28 Weeks 3D

Zayne 29 weeks fist pumping lol

Zayen 29 weeks 3D