Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another round of IUI

So this morning i got a peak ( meaning I'm ovulating or about too) so we went in to have our IUI done.....We are doing two IUI's again this time and the Dr had me take 100mg of clomid this time......So tomorrow we go in for our other one about 8:45am....My Dr said everything looked great and the timing was perfect.....So now we are just playing the 2 week waiting game again....We are praying this one takes.... My Dr said if this one does not take he's sending us to Maddagan which is a big Army hospital hours away.....We will then talk about IVF or any other possible options available....After tomorrow we will just wait and see what happens and i will update you guys throughout the process....This makes our 4th IUI since we lost our sweet baby...This month has been very hard on us because this is when we would have been having our sweet little one... Everything happens for a reason though even though at the time it don't seem like it at all.... So we just got to stay strong and keep our heads up..... We miss you sweet baby "Z"