Saturday, February 12, 2011

Feeling a little better..Still in pain though..Updates!

Just wanted to update you all.. So I went to urgent care my now 2nd home the other night after having the same episodes of not being able to breathe well my left arm hurting my upper back and chest in so much pain...... I was crying and the back of my head was just numb..... After being there for a couple hours the Dr tells me this time oh it's severe anxiety.... He tells Michael her anxiety level is so high right now is she under a lot of stress? LOL I just looked at him and laughed....Then he really thought i was crazy lol... He told me he was going to give me something for my anxiety so he gave me a shot of advant (not sure if sp is correct)...We waited for 30 minutes he came back in and was like how do you feel? Well at that point I just felt really loopy but relaxed.....However I was still in pain which is why I came in.. So he then says we're going to give you something really strong for your pain and I said OK I just pray it takes it away... He turned to Michael and said you will prolly have to carry her out of here... I looked at him and laughed again I said you actually think he can carry me lol at that point i felt so freaking high I prolly should have just shut up so that's what i did lol When I left there I wasn't feeling any pain and he put me on xanex for the anxiety.. I'm still feeling the pain though so I know it's not all anxiety so we're just waiting for Feb 21st to go to the pulmonary specialist and to get my referral approved for my MRI for my spine neck and shoulder... So I will keep you all up to date on that as we hear more....

OK so as far as trying for baby yes we will be having 2 IUI's again this month 24th and 25th should be the dates we will see as we get closer.... I talked to my High Risk OB and he said there's no reason we can't try and being on the xanex short term will not hurt me while trying to conceive.... He did bump me up to 100 mg of clomid this time so more of chance for multiples but a better chance for a baby :) We will see.. Today was my 2nd day of clomid I have 3 more days of taking it then we just wait for my LH surge (Peak)....It's in Gods hands and whats meant to be will be but like I said before we will never give up :)

Also some of you all know that while we are continuing to try for a sweet little baby we're also looking into adoption... I'm calling the lady back on Monday and seeing what all we need to do to get the ball rolling... I know we will be on the bottom of the list but hey you got to start somewhere :).. I will be updating you all on this process too... Until next time love you all!


Lauren said...

I think this is all great ! I am keeping my fingers crossed !! I love you both so much and can't wait to be an aunite !!! Stay strond babe, I love you.

Amberlee said...

thanks love! We love you too!