Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This month we would have delivered our sweet baby.. We miss and love you Baby "Z"

      “We wonder”…
We wonder who you were?
We wonder what your personality would have been like?
I wonder if you would have looked like me?
We wonder alot of things…
like why? and WHEN?
But there are some things I don’t wonder…because I know.
Like how much we already loved you.
I don’t doubt God, not at all.
We just wonder how it would have felt to hold you in our arms…
but it’s okay because now we know you're in the arms of Someone who
loved you even more.
Life is so short, yours had just begun, not out of the womb yet
but you were already a “someone”.
I know God is my strength right now because
without Him I just couldn’t go on.
But now I’ll take life…new life, at the time of conception-
not for granted!
It’s all a true miracle that only God deciedes.
Thank You God for creating a little miracle inside me
and even though it’s time was very short…
it was our little miracle nonetheless.


Heather S. said...

So beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Did you write it? This is the month that I miscarried last year, so it's been really rough on me. I have been an emotional wreck. I needed to hear those encouraging words. Again, thank you.

Amberlee said...

Hi sweetie what I wrote is just how I feel and what I wonder... I love being able to express myself on's like a little get away on here for me....I know exactly what you are feeling it's like an emotional roller coaster some good days some bad... remember though God has a plan for us we just don't know what it is yet :) If you ever need to talk I'm here
Take care!