Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Update on 2nd IUI....

Wow so today started off crazy lol ... I had a Dr's appointment for 8:45am for my 2nd IUI.... however we woke up to 6 inches of snow here making it impossible to go anywhere safe.... Hubby had to be in at 6:30am and was going to meet me at the hospital for the procedure... He got to work and then the base decided to shut down of course.. What great planning NAS Whidbey Island has huh....Anyway so he's on duty today and has to go in for watch 3-midnight no matter how the weather is... So we call my Dr and find out he's there so he said to come on in... So Michael ventured back to the house to get me and take my car which does better in the snow.. It took him over an hour to get home which normally only takes him 15 minutes...His truck was sliding and spinning everywhere ... So glad he made it home safe thanks to a helpful fellow sailor with a 350 pulling Michael's Silverado up a hill he fish tailed on... He got here we got in my car and off we went to the hospital.. Wow it was interesting drive i will say lol spinning and sliding no control at all is very scary....Thankfully we slid into the hospital parking lot and got there safe... Dr. S was laughing we said if we get pregnant this time this will be our snow baby lol and very memorable.... Michael got to play nurse today as well so hes was happy assisting my Dr lol I wish I could have recorded it too funny....My Dr was showing him each step and having him hold the instruments used lol.. So praying this one takes cause this IUI is definitely one we will never forget :) I will be going in on March 4th to have a blood pregnancy test and progesterone check so fingers crossed it will be positive.... I will keep everyone updated on the progress... I have been having some cramping since the procedure it was really bad yesterday but today not so bad and tenderness as well... Dr said that was a good sign :)