Friday, January 21, 2011

Day one of Acupuncture !!

So today was my first time ever doing Acupuncture.... Wow!! As many of you know I wanted to start doing this as I heard it helps a lot when trying to conceive..... I have heard many success stories from it as well... I saw a lady in Oak Harbor, WA named Susan Frosolone she is amazing and best of all fertility is her main study.... She told  me out of all her fertility patients only one person has been unable to conceive. That made me feel really good :) The session was great I felt so relaxed even though I had needles all over my body (I will post pics of a few I had her take lol).......I will say though before my appointment i was very nervous thinking of the needles but once I walked in and started talking to her all my fear went away......... She worked on my spleen and uterus today and pain in my upper back and shoulders......She also did another method she called "cupping" it felt so good.. it smelled like when you blow out a candle and it felt like small glass containers and they made a sucking noise and she then put 6 of them on my back.. It felt so good and warm too...

  We go in Jan 23/24 OR Jan24/25 for my IUI depending on when i peak so she wants me to come back in for another acupuncture session Jan 28th.... I will let you guys know how that goes and we will find out Feb 4th or 5th if We are pregnant :) And you guys will of course know that either way lol...That almost 2 week wait period is so hard I wish you could just find out the next day through blood hahaha!

Ok so I'm going to try and upload some pictures on here we will see how that goes... Just wanted you all to see.. The pictures were taken on my cell phone so may not be that great but you will get the idea....Until next time take care and I will be posting more soon after insemination day yayyy :)