Monday, January 24, 2011

Not Today....

So today was supposed to be one of my IUI days, however i did not get a peak today. With me taking the small dose of Clomid (50mg) I'm thinking it just has me a little off. So fingers crossed I will peak tomorrow...So as of now our two days for IUI look like they will be 25th and 26th I will keep you guys updated...

Update since Acupuncture....Wow I feel so much better I know that sounds crazy after one session but it's so true! The only thing I do have are these 6 small fading suction marks on my back from the cupping procedure..So worth it though.... cause it felt so good lol My next appointment is scheduled for Jan 28th but being I'm pushed a little back for my two IUI procedures I may have to bump it back a little cause she said she didn't want it to interfere with them......I gave her a call and just waiting to hear back from her now so we will see what she wants to do.

Oh yeah.... If I get pregnant this time my Due date will be on or around Oct 18th :)