Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A little Recap for those of you just joining

So it was four years ago when my husband Michael and I started trying to have a little one.  In 2008 I got pregnant 2 months after he got back from a 15 month deployment with the Navy. We found out I was pregnant and were the happiest people alive. I ran out of the bathroom screaming OMG!!! WE ARE PREGNANT BABY!! He was like no way and from there we went to the Dr and it was confirmed I was. When we went in for my first ultrasound we knew something wasn't right by the face the Dr. She looked up and said it looks like you have a blighted ovum (Where the baby never develops and eventually aborts itself). We were so so sad i was about 6 1/2 weeks along. From there we never gave up and new I could get pregnant which was something we were questioning before. We then got orders to Whidbey Island, Washington where we now live.  We were here a couple months when i made a Dr appointment to go in for my yearly exam. When I went in for my exam I asked the Dr many questions and he mentioned has your husband ever been tested for infertility and I said no because I have got pregnant before but it ended in a blighted ovum. He then went on and explained what causes that sometimes. After talking with him we scheduled an appointment for the hubby he went in and had several test done and come to find out he was diagnosed with Klinefelter's Syndrome (Where the male has XXY chromosomes instead of XY). Which explains the reason of us not getting pregnant but that one time in 3 years. With that being said we have been on our journey of fertility treatments. I had two IUI ( Where they insert the semen into the uterus) it did not work then on the third one we got a BFP (Big Fat Positive) that was the end of May 2010. We were oh so happy that one it took and two we were going to be parents. Everything was going great I hit 3 month mark and I just knew I was in the clear. We went in on August 14th had an ultrasound saw baby the Dr said wow baby is so active you could see our little angel jumping and kicking around it's heartbeat was 161 and the Dr said that was perfect and everything looked great! We came home and were just stoked at how our little baby was growing and that it was healthy. Then on August 15th I woke up and had a little spotting it scared me so bad beings that I had a miscarriage before. The hubby brought me into the emergency room and the Dr on duty did an ultrasound and said something didn't look right and he had never seen this before. We started crying he said calm down I still see a heart beat and at that time it was 142 and then dropped to 76 and was just going up and down. He talked to another Dr and they said there was really nothing they could do because they were not even sure what was going on  so they sent me home he said just stay in bed and see how you feel if I start spotting more to come back in. It was August 16,2010 by far the worst day of my life I woke up and was not feeling that great and I stood up and water gushed from me I had no idea what was going on. I then started having horrible pains which now I know were contractions. I rushed to the rest room because it felt like I had to go I started screaming I was bleeding so bad and the contractions were getting worse. My husband ran down stairs and got a bowl and put it in the toilet then the next thing I know my baby was there. We called 911 as the baby would not detach and I was losing a lot of blood so we were very concerned. The ambulance got here and it detached I could not look i just couldn't. They got me in the ambulance and I remember them saying I may have to have a blood transfusion from all the blood I lost. I was so scared sad and angry at the same time it's very hard to describe unless you have been there. In the end I did not have to have a transfusion just had to have a DNC to make sure everything was good. The Dr said everything went well and they did some blood work/tests and stuff on me and from the baby to see what may have happened. I went in for my follow up and the Dr said what had happened only happens in about 1% of pregnancies (go figure). My Gestational sac tore off of my Uterine wall then smothering the baby to death. Our little angel was just perfect if this would not have happened I would have been delivering our love the end of Jan early Feb. With all of that being said we have been on an emotional roller coaster some good days some bad. This was by far the hardest thing we have ever been through. I never knew I could  be so strong til being strong was my only choice. We have not given up hope though and will continue our fertility treatments and I will keep you all updated as we go along.