Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Round 2 this morning :)

Hi everyone... So we went in for round 2 this morning...Again the Dr said everything went perfect yayyy! Also I had some cramping and pains in my ovaries yesterday after procedure when I went home.. I told my Dr about them and he said that was a good sign :) So now we just play the 2 week waiting game...Well almost 2 weeks he has me coming in on Feb 4th or 5th whichever is better for me to have a blood pregnancy test done and some other lab work checking my progesterone levels and other things... Hoping and praying all goes well and we will have a BFP (Big Fat Positive)...I go in Jan 28th for another acupuncture session i can't wait.. I feel so much better when I leave that place it's amazing....Hubby took some more pics this morning at the Dr's office lol I will post them for you all to see...Well for now we just hope and pray everything works out and if not we will try again but I just have a feeling this ones going to work..... Gotta stay positive right :)...I talked to my grandmother yesterday after my procedure and she says "Amber I just know it this one is it..... you're pregnant" :) She always keeps my hopes up and keeps me in good spirits.... I just love her so much....As many of you know my grandmother raised me so she's pretty much my mom... I truly don't know what I would do with out her and my grandfather they're my world... Well for now we are just waiting....come on Feb 5th get here already lol



Lauren said...

I am so happy for you guys !

Amberlee said...

Thank you so much babe!