Friday, January 14, 2011

Decided to do Acupuncture this IUI :)

So I have decided to do Acupuncture this IUI cycle. I'm really excited about this! I go in on Jan 21st at 3pm wish me luck. I decided to do this after reading up on it and hearing peoples success stories of having it done while going through fertility. Beings that the fertility issue is on the husbands side it will still be beneficial for me as well the Dr said. She said it would relax me and prepare my body to hopefully conceive :) The acupuncturist i chose is highly recommended in the area i need. She has traveled all over studying and this her specialty "Fertility acupuncture". With that said I 'm going into this with great hope. *finger crossed* for a bundle of joy :)

As many of you  know I was diagnosed with Diabetes when i was 21. I developed it later in life and it's been a struggle. Having diabetes makes me a high risk pregnancy so the acupuncturist i spoke with said it will help with that as well so I'm really looking forward to this :) I do have my sugars under control so I don't see it being an issue when I do get pregnant. During my last pregnancy my sugars were actually staying too low so that will be something I have to watch but all else was well.

Thanks for reading and I would love feedback from people... If you have anything to tell me that would help through the journey....experiences you have had..... or if you just have questions or want to talk I'm here :)... talk to you soon....