Tuesday, January 25, 2011

IUI #1Today!!..... #2 tomorrow

So this morning I woke up at 8:00am to pee on my stick for my monitor and yayyyy we got a peak!! We immediately called my Dr. he got us in first thing at 8:45am. After getting set up and everything i was officially inseminated at 9am. I go back in the morning for round 2..... We decided to do 2 this time that way all hours of ovulation would be covered and it will hopefully give us positive results :) My Dr said the procedure went GREAT! and he thought this was the best one out of all 5 other IUIs he had preformed on me..... So fingers and toes crossed this one or the one tomorrow takes.....I have been laying around napping on and off all day since I got home..... just been really tired...... I have also had a little cramping but that's normal for IUI. The hubby took a few pics before the procedure that I will post lol Warning I do look rough remember this is out of bed straight to the Dr lol... We will be at the Dr at 7:45am in the morning for round 2 very early but so worth it..... I will update you guys on that one tomorrow until then keep those prayers coming.... We appreciate everything and are so thankful for such great friends,family and blog followers that are in our life :) Remember I'm always here if anyone wants to talk, has questions or just wants to comment...