Monday, January 31, 2011

6 days post IUI... Just a question!

So today I'm 6 days post IUI.....I'm trying to stay positive however it's so very hard. Since my IUIs on Jan 25th and 26th I have been having minor cramps here and there twinge like feelings and sharp pains that come and go.... where i believe my ovaries are in my bikini area....... I ask my Dr about them when I went in on the 26th and he said that was a good sign so positive thoughts positive thoughts...If you are reading my blog and have been pregnant before and found out early on you were pregnant could you let me know if these pains sound familiar? I remember when we lost our sweet baby when I was pregnant early on i felt pulling and twinges this time these are a little different...... I also take 50 mg of clomid days 3-7 of my cycle so I'm wondering if they could be from that..... I would love to hear from anyone that has experienced anything early on like i stated above and had a BFP (Big fat Positive) pregnancy test .... Thanks in advance....

Friday, January 28, 2011

Acupuncture Today....

So today I went in for Acupuncture.. It went great!!! I had a ton of needles all over my body including my head. I know ouch right? Nope didn't hurt at all.....I was even told I was a great patient :) She also did the cupping  procedure on my shoulder and back again.......I'm in a little pain tonight but guess that just means it's working.... I will post some pictures of the marks I have after this procedure for a couple days which is normal...The pictures are not that great but you can get the idea.... I have 7 more days til I go in for my blood test to see if I'm preggo...... This feels like the longest 7 days ever lol..... I have been having some cramping and what feels like I have been bruised in my pelvic area and a few sharp pains on and off... When I asked my Dr he said that was all good signs :) If that's the case I need to take the pain and love it lol..Tomorrow (1/29) is 4 days past my IUI...... I'm having lots of  thick discharge kind of yellow/white I asked my acupuncturist today about that and she said that's good so hopefully with all the "Good" things that are happening we will have a Big Fat Positive test result :)
Here are some pictures from today...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Round 2 this morning :)

Hi everyone... So we went in for round 2 this morning...Again the Dr said everything went perfect yayyy! Also I had some cramping and pains in my ovaries yesterday after procedure when I went home.. I told my Dr about them and he said that was a good sign :) So now we just play the 2 week waiting game...Well almost 2 weeks he has me coming in on Feb 4th or 5th whichever is better for me to have a blood pregnancy test done and some other lab work checking my progesterone levels and other things... Hoping and praying all goes well and we will have a BFP (Big Fat Positive)...I go in Jan 28th for another acupuncture session i can't wait.. I feel so much better when I leave that place it's amazing....Hubby took some more pics this morning at the Dr's office lol I will post them for you all to see...Well for now we just hope and pray everything works out and if not we will try again but I just have a feeling this ones going to work..... Gotta stay positive right :)...I talked to my grandmother yesterday after my procedure and she says "Amber I just know it this one is it..... you're pregnant" :) She always keeps my hopes up and keeps me in good spirits.... I just love her so much....As many of you know my grandmother raised me so she's pretty much my mom... I truly don't know what I would do with out her and my grandfather they're my world... Well for now we are just waiting....come on Feb 5th get here already lol


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

IUI #1Today!!..... #2 tomorrow

So this morning I woke up at 8:00am to pee on my stick for my monitor and yayyyy we got a peak!! We immediately called my Dr. he got us in first thing at 8:45am. After getting set up and everything i was officially inseminated at 9am. I go back in the morning for round 2..... We decided to do 2 this time that way all hours of ovulation would be covered and it will hopefully give us positive results :) My Dr said the procedure went GREAT! and he thought this was the best one out of all 5 other IUIs he had preformed on me..... So fingers and toes crossed this one or the one tomorrow takes.....I have been laying around napping on and off all day since I got home..... just been really tired...... I have also had a little cramping but that's normal for IUI. The hubby took a few pics before the procedure that I will post lol Warning I do look rough remember this is out of bed straight to the Dr lol... We will be at the Dr at 7:45am in the morning for round 2 very early but so worth it..... I will update you guys on that one tomorrow until then keep those prayers coming.... We appreciate everything and are so thankful for such great friends,family and blog followers that are in our life :) Remember I'm always here if anyone wants to talk, has questions or just wants to comment...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Not Today....

So today was supposed to be one of my IUI days, however i did not get a peak today. With me taking the small dose of Clomid (50mg) I'm thinking it just has me a little off. So fingers crossed I will peak tomorrow...So as of now our two days for IUI look like they will be 25th and 26th I will keep you guys updated...

Update since Acupuncture....Wow I feel so much better I know that sounds crazy after one session but it's so true! The only thing I do have are these 6 small fading suction marks on my back from the cupping procedure..So worth it though.... cause it felt so good lol My next appointment is scheduled for Jan 28th but being I'm pushed a little back for my two IUI procedures I may have to bump it back a little cause she said she didn't want it to interfere with them......I gave her a call and just waiting to hear back from her now so we will see what she wants to do.

Oh yeah.... If I get pregnant this time my Due date will be on or around Oct 18th :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Day one of Acupuncture !!

So today was my first time ever doing Acupuncture.... Wow!! As many of you know I wanted to start doing this as I heard it helps a lot when trying to conceive..... I have heard many success stories from it as well... I saw a lady in Oak Harbor, WA named Susan Frosolone she is amazing and best of all fertility is her main study.... She told  me out of all her fertility patients only one person has been unable to conceive. That made me feel really good :) The session was great I felt so relaxed even though I had needles all over my body (I will post pics of a few I had her take lol).......I will say though before my appointment i was very nervous thinking of the needles but once I walked in and started talking to her all my fear went away......... She worked on my spleen and uterus today and pain in my upper back and shoulders......She also did another method she called "cupping" it felt so good.. it smelled like when you blow out a candle and it felt like small glass containers and they made a sucking noise and she then put 6 of them on my back.. It felt so good and warm too...

  We go in Jan 23/24 OR Jan24/25 for my IUI depending on when i peak so she wants me to come back in for another acupuncture session Jan 28th.... I will let you guys know how that goes and we will find out Feb 4th or 5th if We are pregnant :) And you guys will of course know that either way lol...That almost 2 week wait period is so hard I wish you could just find out the next day through blood hahaha!

Ok so I'm going to try and upload some pictures on here we will see how that goes... Just wanted you all to see.. The pictures were taken on my cell phone so may not be that great but you will get the idea....Until next time take care and I will be posting more soon after insemination day yayyy :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Decided to do Acupuncture this IUI :)

So I have decided to do Acupuncture this IUI cycle. I'm really excited about this! I go in on Jan 21st at 3pm wish me luck. I decided to do this after reading up on it and hearing peoples success stories of having it done while going through fertility. Beings that the fertility issue is on the husbands side it will still be beneficial for me as well the Dr said. She said it would relax me and prepare my body to hopefully conceive :) The acupuncturist i chose is highly recommended in the area i need. She has traveled all over studying and this her specialty "Fertility acupuncture". With that said I 'm going into this with great hope. *finger crossed* for a bundle of joy :)

As many of you  know I was diagnosed with Diabetes when i was 21. I developed it later in life and it's been a struggle. Having diabetes makes me a high risk pregnancy so the acupuncturist i spoke with said it will help with that as well so I'm really looking forward to this :) I do have my sugars under control so I don't see it being an issue when I do get pregnant. During my last pregnancy my sugars were actually staying too low so that will be something I have to watch but all else was well.

Thanks for reading and I would love feedback from people... If you have anything to tell me that would help through the journey....experiences you have had..... or if you just have questions or want to talk I'm here :)... talk to you soon....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just got a call from the Nurse.....

So I just got a call from the nurse on my lab work that came back. She said everything looked great and my progesterone level was at a 20.8 (meaning I ovulated well last cycle). So now we just wait til my monitor gets a peak then go in for our IUI which should be Jan 24th/25th . I will keep you guys updated on the progress.

January 12, 2011 Starting Clomid

So today is my 3rd day of my cycle my Dr has told me to take 50mg of Clomid days 3-7 this will help boost the IUI as well as making me drop more eggs during ovulation. Then hopefully resulting in a little one or two :) Just wanted to give you a quick update. Hope everyone is doing well.


Our Journey since the loss of our sweet baby..... RIP love.... Mommy and Daddy love you!!

As many of you know I'm a baker/Cook (Ambi-Cakes)  and Crafty (Dreamy Diva Creations) you can find me on Facebook. I bake all the time and I love it so I said what a great way to raise money for our fertility treatments. So since we started our first IUI this is what I have been doing to raise the money. It's amazing at all the people who have bought and helped us we thank them so very much from the bottom of our hearts. It would not be possible with out them.

Since our loss on August 16th, 2010 We have had two IUI procedures done. So far neither of them have taken. If all goes well we are looking at January 24th and 25th for our next IUI procedures. Yep I said procedures we are going to have 2 done this cycle hoping it will boost it up a little :) So fingers crossed all goes well and we will have good news for everyone. If any one has comments or questions don't hesitate to ask it actually helps me to talk about all this and I feel that I can be of help to someone else that may be going through the same problems because I truly understand where you're coming from.

A little Recap for those of you just joining

So it was four years ago when my husband Michael and I started trying to have a little one.  In 2008 I got pregnant 2 months after he got back from a 15 month deployment with the Navy. We found out I was pregnant and were the happiest people alive. I ran out of the bathroom screaming OMG!!! WE ARE PREGNANT BABY!! He was like no way and from there we went to the Dr and it was confirmed I was. When we went in for my first ultrasound we knew something wasn't right by the face the Dr. She looked up and said it looks like you have a blighted ovum (Where the baby never develops and eventually aborts itself). We were so so sad i was about 6 1/2 weeks along. From there we never gave up and new I could get pregnant which was something we were questioning before. We then got orders to Whidbey Island, Washington where we now live.  We were here a couple months when i made a Dr appointment to go in for my yearly exam. When I went in for my exam I asked the Dr many questions and he mentioned has your husband ever been tested for infertility and I said no because I have got pregnant before but it ended in a blighted ovum. He then went on and explained what causes that sometimes. After talking with him we scheduled an appointment for the hubby he went in and had several test done and come to find out he was diagnosed with Klinefelter's Syndrome (Where the male has XXY chromosomes instead of XY). Which explains the reason of us not getting pregnant but that one time in 3 years. With that being said we have been on our journey of fertility treatments. I had two IUI ( Where they insert the semen into the uterus) it did not work then on the third one we got a BFP (Big Fat Positive) that was the end of May 2010. We were oh so happy that one it took and two we were going to be parents. Everything was going great I hit 3 month mark and I just knew I was in the clear. We went in on August 14th had an ultrasound saw baby the Dr said wow baby is so active you could see our little angel jumping and kicking around it's heartbeat was 161 and the Dr said that was perfect and everything looked great! We came home and were just stoked at how our little baby was growing and that it was healthy. Then on August 15th I woke up and had a little spotting it scared me so bad beings that I had a miscarriage before. The hubby brought me into the emergency room and the Dr on duty did an ultrasound and said something didn't look right and he had never seen this before. We started crying he said calm down I still see a heart beat and at that time it was 142 and then dropped to 76 and was just going up and down. He talked to another Dr and they said there was really nothing they could do because they were not even sure what was going on  so they sent me home he said just stay in bed and see how you feel if I start spotting more to come back in. It was August 16,2010 by far the worst day of my life I woke up and was not feeling that great and I stood up and water gushed from me I had no idea what was going on. I then started having horrible pains which now I know were contractions. I rushed to the rest room because it felt like I had to go I started screaming I was bleeding so bad and the contractions were getting worse. My husband ran down stairs and got a bowl and put it in the toilet then the next thing I know my baby was there. We called 911 as the baby would not detach and I was losing a lot of blood so we were very concerned. The ambulance got here and it detached I could not look i just couldn't. They got me in the ambulance and I remember them saying I may have to have a blood transfusion from all the blood I lost. I was so scared sad and angry at the same time it's very hard to describe unless you have been there. In the end I did not have to have a transfusion just had to have a DNC to make sure everything was good. The Dr said everything went well and they did some blood work/tests and stuff on me and from the baby to see what may have happened. I went in for my follow up and the Dr said what had happened only happens in about 1% of pregnancies (go figure). My Gestational sac tore off of my Uterine wall then smothering the baby to death. Our little angel was just perfect if this would not have happened I would have been delivering our love the end of Jan early Feb. With all of that being said we have been on an emotional roller coaster some good days some bad. This was by far the hardest thing we have ever been through. I never knew I could  be so strong til being strong was my only choice. We have not given up hope though and will continue our fertility treatments and I will keep you all updated as we go along.